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22 Nov 2012

About Africa Safari Trip

Generally, a safari is seen as a trip to Africa usually by tourists mostly to see wild games(animals).a safari is a very interesting experience more especially  if you enjoy watching wild animals known as games. Usually one can get to see from the big games, the Africa big five- the lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino and the elephants-  to zebras, giraffe, antelopes, and what have you.

Now, since a safari is a trip to Africa  it means that any destination in Africa in which you can see wild games in there natural habitat or in semi captivity could be regarded as safari. But, indeed some countries are famous for wild life tourism in Africa, notably; Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana  Zambia,  south Africa  Namibia  Uganda , Zimbabwe and D R Congo.  These countries have a well developed and maintained and protected national parks and reserves for wild animals. This has also placed them among the most visited countries in Africa, sending hundreds of thousands of foreign visitors/ tourists to each of the countries while several millions of dollars accrue to them in revenues.

Among the most popular safari destinations are ; the Kruger national park and the kalahari desert, the Masai Mara reserve in Kenya,  the seregenti national park and the ngorongoro crater are amazing reserves to enjoy wildlife in Tanzania  the okavango delta in Botswana famous for its elephants, then in Uganda sits  the forests of "pearl of Africa  a well known place for watching gorillas.

Kruger national park in south Africa is one of the biggest game reserves in Africa and arguably the most popular safari place in Africa  mainly because of its location,  which means you can get to see around the delectable city of cape town in its glory. Making it the best of two worlds for you.
A lion in African Jungle 

Kenya is however, the premier destination for safaris in Africa,hence most synonymous with safari.  Notably the Masai Mara reserve in Kenya is among many safari goers, regarded as "given the best safari experience due to its migration period" ( from august to November each year) when you get to watch the animals as they migrate.

for me, safari is an awe-inspiring adventurous experience. So if you've not had a safari experience before, then i must tell you that its an experience you should not miss in your life time. So i enjoin you to research more and make that trip to Africa  especially if you are an adventure seeker.

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