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29 Nov 2012

south Africa and safari tourism

A Giraffe alongside South African Map/Flag

South Africa is home to amazing natural parks.  a popular tourist destination, with around 860 000 arrivals per month (as of March 2008) of which around 210 000 is from outside the African continent. Revenue adding up to between 1% and 3% of GDP is generated by the tourism industry. Among the main attractions are the diverse and picturesque culture, the game reserves and the highly regarded local wines.

So as expected, most of the visitors are primarily attracted by the beautiful and vibrant culture of the country and for its games reserves which are well protected by the law, well maintained and managed, top of which is the popular Kruger national park. there are of course many more national parks and games reserves in many different parts of the country.

South Africa is also renowned  for its beautiful and awe-inspiring cities. Top of which is  Cape town- named among the top 20 cities of the world.  Hence most visitors to the country seize up the opportunity of getting to see their favourite games/ animals in the Kruger park and check out  the beauty of cape town while enjoying the soft African sun as you take in some utterly delectable and breathtaking view of the city, environment and its skyline. you can also choose to chill out your vacation in one of the best resorts the world can offer.

What more could be better than that- i call it the best of both worlds.

South Africa is also a popular and an important business destination in Africa. so if you love business tourism, then you cant ever regret checking out south Africa and its beauties.

But if you love watching animals in there natural abode, then South Africa is a must visit for you as they offer you top of the notch and best of safari experience.

generally, hotels are great and affordable. although everything will depend on your budget. transportation is also top class and well organised, you can trust south Africa on that one.

Whenever you are ready, just research more on the best time/season to visit for optimum enjoyment, and for hotels, airports, transportation and what your expenses should look like. I will definitely be publishing that on this blog soon, after a very thorough research.

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