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1 Dec 2012

Ten safety tips on safari camps and tours

  1. The wild animals you will encounter on safari are not like those found in theme parks – they aren't tame, completely wild. So don't mistake them as same. Be careful if you encounter any in your park walk or drive.
  2. Most of the safari camps are unfenced and dangerous animals can (and do!) wander through the camps. Many of the animals and reptiles you will see are potentially dangerous. Attacks by wild animals are very rare. However, there are no guarantees that such incidents will not occur. Neither your tour guide nor the safari operators can be held liable for any injuries caused during an incident involving the behaviour of wild animals. Therefore you must be on your guard for your own safety. and please don't worry too much on that one, that will not spoil your safari holiday. its just almost like normal everyday life safety precautions.
  3. Please listen to the camp staff and guides for your own safety. The safety precautions need to be taken seriously, and strictly adhered to.
  4. Never go wandering off on your own without a guide – even to your rooms. After retiring to your rooms at night, please don't leave them.
  5. Observe animals silently and with a minimum of disturbance to their natural activities. Loud talking on game drives can frighten the animals away, and am sure you dont want that happening
  6. Never attempt to attract an animal's attention. Don't imitate animal sounds, clap your hands, pound the vehicle or throw objects. just observe them calmly
  7. Please respect your driver-guide's judgement about proximity to lions, cheetahs and leopards. Don't tip him to or insist that he takes the vehicle closer so you can get a better photograph. A vehicle driven too close can hinder a hunt or cause animals to abandon a hard-earned meal. It can even encroach on your own personal safety.
  8. Avoid littering the environment. litter tossed on the ground can choke or poison the animals and birds,and besides, its unsightly.
  9. Never attempt to feed or approach any wild animal on foot. This is especially important near lodges or in camp sites where animals may have become accustomed to human visitors.
  10. Avoid smoking on game drives, because an accident can cause the dry African bush which ignites very easily to burn and a flash fire can kill animals. so observe this at least for the safety of the animals.

In summary, use your best judgement in everything you do in the camp, also be careful with your movement around- just a good and logical precaution- and i bet you will enjoy your safari tour and time.

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