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15 Dec 2012

Travel guide to a holiday in dubai

Dubai: The New Tourist World 

Dubai has been a top spot for many people around the world for a decade or so now.

If you are in Nigeria or other parts of Africa, and you have been to Europe, Americas, Asia, etc.  you can choose to visit Dubai for a change... and it's going to be worth your while.

A holiday in Dubai is definitely an experience THAT WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. Renowned for wealth and splendour, Dubai in the United Arab Emirate, an ultramodern city, is unarguably one of the worlds most exotic and fun vacation destination. With numerous sites and activities to indulge your senses. Feel the sun in one of the Golding beaches or go for some indoor skiing in the mall of the Emirates. And for some adventure,  you can even choose to enjoy some desert safari in a 4x4 across the sand dunes and i bet you will be left exhilarating.

 To take in the amazing scenic views of this affluent city, a drive or walk around the towering and sparkling structures, particularly in the commercial centres is such a great idea.

And if you love shopping( i mean, who doesn't), then you've  got it, simply walk into any of the large and expansive malls- the mall of the Emirates and the Dubai mall are the  two biggest with ice rinks, cinemas, western high-street and designer brands, vast gold souks and giant fish tanks and have an endless tax-free shopping. 

The Dubai Mall’s famous Dubai Fountain shoots water jets at an astonishing height of 150 metres tall and spans over 270 metres in length. Created by the designers of the Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas, this spectacular sight performs to an impressive array of musical accompaniments to include Andrea Bocelli’s Con te partiro (Time to Say Goodbye). Avoid disappointment and be aware of the world’s largest fountain’s performance schedule before you arrive, as there are only two shows during the daytime, with evening performances running every half an hour.

In Dubai, If you are really a beach lover, i will suggest you choose and stay in one of the up scale beach-front hotels to enjoy the best facilities. Splashing around at the Wild Wadi and Aqua-venture waterparks; golf on one of the numerous well maintained golf courses; ‘dune bashing’ in the desert and riding the elevator to the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building - are some of the other activities you may love.
Enjoy your nite in a well lit up restaurant in one of the amazingly world class hotels and resorts of the emirate with an utterly delectable dinning experience, i recommend Sushi and chicken Teriyaki as far as meals go.

And finally, for a city that has shopping as their favourite pastime, i will warn you to keep in mind your budgets lest the fun of royal shopping experience empty your pocket, unless perhaps you don't mind at all.

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