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15 Dec 2012

Travel guide to a holiday in French Polynesia


Are you a Nigerian, Looking for a great Place for your Holiday or Honeymoon, then look no further. Let me introduce this paradise in the Pacific to you.

French Polynesia is a country about half way between California and Australia in the southern pacific ocean and an overseas territory of  France. It is a collection of islands grouped into five archipelagos.
Popularly known by the name of its main island, Tahiti, French Polynesia is simply a wonderland with its reef-fringed islands, crystal clear aqua lagoon, the mountain waterfalls and the lush rain forest- the kind that will leave you mesmerized. Its so dramatic and perfectly beautiful  
that its so hard to believe it really exists

Four Seasons Resort Bora BoraThis quiet and utterly seductive group of islands is the kind of place the rich and famous come to play and enjoy nature and its marriage with art.
So whether you just want to relax on a beach and enjoy the cool sea breeze while taking in the scenic views or watch some lovers chasing each other on the white sands of the beach or maybe you,ll settle for some fantastic snockerling experience for an adventure twist - whatever you may want -  its all here.

The French Polynesia particularly makes for a perfect and romantic honeymoon, giving you all the reasons to fall more in love with your partner. And i must warn you that you may never want to leave even after your honeymoon, that's the kind of affection you’ll develop for the French Polynesia

Whats more, the hospitality of Polynesia is simply warm, friendly and so genuine that a holiday to the French Polynesia is nothing short of a special and a blissful experience. Also  for nationals and residents of  EU countries and some other countries, a visa is not required,  just a valid passport  And this makes it easier and quicker to access these  fun islands in the middle of south pacific.

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