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4 Dec 2012

Vacation in the Bahamas

Bahamas (Picture Credit:

Are you looking for a  perfect place four your honeymoon, or just a place for some cool and inspiring weekend getaway, or perhaps you are just searching for a place to reconnect with what’s important: 
Your relationship with loved ones, with the natural environment and most of all with yourself.
then, surely all you need might just be a trip to the Bahamas.

Bahamas is a country in the Caribbean, comprising  chains of islands, about seven hundred beautiful islands- yes, you heard me right, 700 - and was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492. 

 Bahamas vacation is about beautiful beaches-Bahamas is home to several beautiful beaches, warm gin-clear water, unspoiled nature, real encounters with wildlife, lively music, friendly locals, beautiful blue sky, delectable skylines and amazing sunsets; but mainly it’s about you. because you get to see the awesome work of nature in play- the kind that can leave you asking for more. Take this opportunity to disengage from the daily slog and get some real fun for yourself, after all, life needs to be enjoyed.

For me one of the things constantly drawing me to the Bahamas is the beautiful and inspiring beaches there, because i love beaches and  lying  there under a beach umbrella with a glass of wine watching lovers play around the beach gives me the feeling that i so much needed; a feeling that life is beautiful and that there's still so much to cherish here after all. This leaves me renewed each time and gives me the concentration i needed on getting back to work.

For my fellow adventure minded,You can even choose to go fishing, snorkelling, diving, nature hiking , flying,  golfing, bird watching, boating and sailing, name it-  whatever your idea of adventure is, surely you will meet it here. Little wonder Bahamas is one of the most popular tourist and overseas honeymoon destinations. 

For more info, you may want to visit  to get started and see how you can make an amazing holiday out of your vacation this time around without punching holes through your pocket.

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