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21 Jun 2020

[SECRETS EXPOSED] How to get Very Cheap Flights In Nigeria

How to get Very Cheap Flights In Nigeria

Picture Credit: Air Peace 
There is no denying the fact that there is much more comfort and better time management when air travel is used instead of land.
However, If you live in Nigeria, and have actually tried to book flights or even check the price of flight tickets to any city in Nigeria, then you will agree with me that the prices are mostly not affordable for an average Nigerian.

This is not the case in Most European Countries and North America. But it is unfortunate that we in Nigeria is suffering exorbitant Flight rates in this country.

However, there are some ways to reduce that price drastically, and that's what we are going to be showing you in this article.

But first of all, lets understand some dynamics and economics of Airline companies and how it affects flight prices.

Let's consider a Scenario here: You are on a Commercial Flight flying from Lagos to Abuja, and in this Flight you have say; 150 passengers on 'Economy Class'.  One thing is for sure, and that is; different people on that economy class paid very different amounts to be on that plane. Some might have even paid as much as double of what some others paid. 
Why is that so? you asked? Okay let explain why.

-  Airlines don't like to fly empty or even half full. So, if a flight's scheduled departure is getting near, and many of the seats are still empty, the airline may decide to lower the price to attract more passengers quickly.

-  Because Airline wants to quickly get their seats filling up, those who are willing to buy tickets some weeks away from their actual travel date, are most times given cheaper prices. So, as the seats are getting filled up (depending on the rate) then, the Airlines may look at cashing in on any perceived higher demand for the tickets, and so increase or decrease prices as the deem appropriate.

-  Thirdly, Those flying on a 'return-ticket' also have a far much better bargain than someone who is paying for each leg of the travel seperately. for instance, you can see a one-way ticket at a price of N34,000, while a return-ticket is like N45,000. So, you see that it's a far better option to buy two-way tickets (return-tickets) instead.

-  Time of the week the tickets were purchased. It is generally true that weekend flights are much costlier than  Travel made during the beginning of the week or so. But is is also true that that if you buy tickets for a weekend flight earlier in week, then you could make some decent savings too.

-  Finally, some travelers choose to remove any hassle from the whole buying of tickets and all that. So, they use travel agents, who charge some extra fees on top the original ticket price they purchased from the Airline.
This drives the total cost up.

So, armed with the above knowledge, let's look at how you can take advantage of those points above to get yourself the cheapest tickets in the market.

1.  Book Flights Monday or Tuesdays

 Yes, if you are not constrained to travel by the weekend because of your job and other commitments, or you are just okay travelling earlier in the week. Then, you should just book early week flights on Mondays or Tuesdays. This is because, Airlines tend to have much more travelling customers during the weekends, that is, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. 
Besides, even if you want to travel during the weekend, booking your flight earlier in that week could help you make some small savings too, instead of trying to book the flight on Thursday or say Friday.

2.  Search on Multiple Travel Sites

First of all, you need to know that Travel websites tend to have great deals sourced directly from various Airlines. Some popular travel websites to check are Expedia, Kayak, Travelstart, Wakanow, etc.
But the trick here, is to check multiple websites to see which one has the best deals for your travel destination.

3.  Don't use Travel Agents

Do we even need to say it? Well, except you truly don't know where to begin nor end when it comes      to booking flights, then you can use them. Also, if you don't have the chance at all, you can find a travel agent, as they will take away most of the booking hassle for you.
But you need to know that they add there own commission on top of the ticket fee.
So, if you want a cheaper flight ticket, then you should do it yourself, and make that extra savings.

4.  Clear your Browser cookies (or Go Incognito)

Now, this one sounds a little bit technical for some people. But, don't worry it is not that hard at all.
Let me explain the WHY, before explaining the HOW.

So, if you have been searching for flights to a certain destination earlier, Airline websites can use cookies stored in your browser when you visited earlier, to recognize you, and then see you as someone who is willing already to buy a ticket, that is, they could consider you a pre-sold customer. This could cause them to show you a price higher than prices shown to those who they consider not yet interested enough in buying ticket from them.

When next you want to check for flight tickets, first of all, Go to your browser SETTINGS, and look for PRIVACY, and then clear your COOKIES. afterwards, when you visit the Airline website again, you will be seen as a fresh visitor, even if your IP address remained the same.

Alternatively, you could use an INCOGNITO TAB/WINDOW to visit the Airline's website instead of clearing your cookies.

5.  Check Airlines' Websites directly

 although it is generally easier to get better prices and cheap flight bargains on Travel websites like Expedia, Kayak, Wakanow, etc. Sometimes, some wonderful bargains and discounts are only available on the Airlines Personal websites. So, in the course of your research, just try the airline's websites to be sure there are no better deals in there for the date you or period you want to travel. 

6. Book well in advance

Avoid last minute rush to book flights, it's generally pricier. If you are very sure of the exact date you want to travel, then, you can book flights a few weeks before that date. For me, I choose to book my flights 3 or 4 weeks before the time I wish to travel. Almost in all cases, I have always made decent savings on the final amount I had to pay for the flight. Even two (2) before your travel can also give you cheaper prices too. just do your research.
Please only do this when you are sure that you have nothing that could easily or potentially force you to change the date after you have already booked your flight. This will protect you from  needing to cancel and/or reschedule, which could easily increase your cost, by requiring you to pay cancellation fees.

From the above, you have seen how I personally go about getting a cheaper flight tickets than most other buyers.

Do you have any methods you personally use, which I didn't mention above? if YES, then, please let us know about it through the comment box.

Additionally, if you have any questions regarding what we discussed here, then feel free to share your question/s with us via the comment box too.


  1. Wao. Clearing cookies is suprising to me.

    Nice one

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Thanks for your comment.

      I know it's surprising. It surprised me too.

      I first noticed that trick when I wanted to buy a new web-hosting.

      I visited the site with my computer, and then my phone, lo and behold the price they quoted for me were different.

      I got curious, and I later realised that the price I got through my phone was higher bcos I had used my phone to visit that Webhosting site earlier and tried purchasing.

  2. Please is it advisable you pay when you've booked?

    1. I cant possibly answer your question with a yes or no.

      Well, I don't believe Airlines will indefinitely reserve a spot for you. If they are reserving a spot for you whilst you've not paid, then, I believe they will also tell you for how long.

      Therefore, you must now need to pay up before that time expires...or you loose your seat reservation.


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