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2 Jun 2020

Top 5 Cleanest Cities in Nigeria [2020] [BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS]

The Top 5 Cleanest Cities in Nigeria in 2020

First of all, I need to point out that this list is based on my personal real-life observations, as well as several current information available on the internet.

It’s always a very tough job to compile the list of cleanest states or cities in Nigeria. First, things are always changing, and some states suddenly up their game and so deserve a better ranking. So, you need to be someone who travel around a lot, in other to have the on-the-spot assessment of things for yourself.

So, as a lover of travelling and tourism, I will say boldly that I have visited about 30 cities in Nigeria to date.

So, you may be understandably surprised not to see some of the cities in states which you have always known to be ‘clean enough’. The major reason would be that; some states might have a better general cleanliness across all its territory (e.g. Lagos State) but may not be cleaner than another city which its State government invests most of its beautification and sanitation energy on that major city (e.g. Owerri).

Also, some smaller cities where brought into consideration, and one of them made the list – read on to find out which one.

While each city is unique to its approach towards cleanliness and environmental sanitation, it is noteworthy that there are three main factors that tend to determine how clean a city is.

1.     (1) The leadership of the State

This is essentially the governor and his team. If the governor of a state is passionate about beautiful and clean cities and towns, then, naturally, he will invest more in that venture, and also drive the commitment down to his lieutenants and Local Governments/City officials.

2.     (2) The nature of the people (the residents)

You may have noticed that some people are naturally tidier than some others. It’s true. For instance; Calabar People tend to be naturally inclined to be neater, even with little means. Also, in the South East for instance, an average Imo State person tends to be more cleanliness conscious than other South-Easterners. It probably why Owerri has historically been the Cleanest City in the Eastern part of Nigeria.  This attitude can also be acquired over the years, if every administration continues to provide the leadership needed in the area of cleanliness.


3.     (3) The Wealth of the City (State)

As you will soon discover, almost all of the cities on this List, are from states where the Government is comparatively richer than other most other States.

Haven said that, this is not necessarily the rule. For instance, Cross River State was never among some of the richest states, in fact, currently, it’s among the states in the bottom half of Nigeria’s states, when it comes to State wealth. Yet, Calabar, the capital of Cross River, has always ranked in ‘top 3’ of Nigeria’s Cleanest States for ages now. So, it might just be that Factors One and Two above, were the major driver of Beauty and cleanliness in such states like cross Rivers and a few others.


So, below is our 'Top 5' List of the most clean cities in Nigeria in 2020

1.    1.  Abuja

Nicon Luxury Hotel Abuja  (picture credit:

We all know that Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria. And if you’ve visited, you will also know that it’s really beautiful. It was a city planned from scratch, so that helps too. It gave the planners a better opportunity to choose the layouts perfectly well and the road sizes.

The roads are mostly very wide and multi-lane, and the streets are mostly clean, and with several beautifully constructed and managed estates.


You can expect to see Abuja shining at night, with streetlights in many of its districts and neighborhoods.

Abuja at Night (Pix Credit: Nairaland)

Streets of Abuja (picture credit:


Some areas in Abuja are simply too clean and delectable, and comparable to what you see in most of the very developed world cities out there.



2.     2.  Uyo

The City of Uyo, which is also the seat of power of the South–South state of Akwa Ibom is indeed beautiful and clean too.

There are so many new and quality roads everywhere, top of the Class shopping malls and hotels, stadium, etc.

Godswill Akpabio International Stadium Uyo (pix credit:

A clean and beautiful roundabout in Uyo (Pix credit: nairaland)

Successive administration from the days of Victor Attah to Godswill Akpabio and then, Emmanuel Udom, have always done their good bit to maintain and improve upon that.


A beautiful road in Uyo

I have been to this city countless times, and I can tell you that it really ranks high on beauty and cleanliness. Of course, it’s not perfect or even nearly – but as far as Nigerian cities goes, it’s has a place at top of the list.


3.     3.  Calabar

For many years, Calabar has been on top of this list. So, it needs no introduction really. However, for those who may not know yet, Calabar is the beautiful capital city of Cross River State. It hosts the popular Calabar carnival every December – which is one of the largest street parties in the world, and the biggest in Africa. It draws tourists from around the world every year.

Beautiful and clean Calabar road (Pix credit:


The streets of Calabar is very clean and beautiful, and it doesn’t take much time to notice it.

Beautiful and clean Calabar neighborhood (Pix credit:

It has always been the culture of the residents there to keep their streets very clean, and the government reinforces it too.

5.     4.  Bonny Island

Yes, I know most people will raise their eyebrows at seeing this city on the list of ‘top 5’. For starters, many have not heard the name before, while some have heard it, but believe it’s a minor city – yet some others erroneously see it as part of Port Harcourt City.

Bonny Island (pix Credit: Nairaland)


Anyways, to settle the whole issue, I will allow you to check out the pictures below, and you should then easily make up your mind.

Bonny Island (pix Credit: Nairaland)

 Now, back to the topic, Bonny is an inland Island in River State, and it’s not very far from Port Harcourt, the state capital…and yes, bonny Island is a completely separate city from Port Harcourt.

Bonny Island (pix Credit: Nairaland)

 It is beautiful and indeed breathtaking, with incredibly clean streets and well laid out streets and sidewalks. Streetlights are almost everywhere, and you can easily enjoy your evenings by strolling around your street.

It also enjoys a near perfect public power supply (as at the time I checked last)

Bonny Island (pix Credit: Nairaland)

The city was more or less made this clean and beautiful, due to presence of major oil and gas firms who are based in there or have an important office on the island. For example, Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Limited (NLNG), Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, Exxonmobil, Agip, etc.

5.        5. Owerri

Owerri is the Capital of the Eastern state of Imo. It has also been historically clean. You can easily see most of the streets are really clean and well tarred too.

A very Ordinary street in Owerri Looking Impressively clean (pix Credit: Nairaland)

Another neighbourhood in Owerri looking clean and beautiful  (pix Credit: Nairaland)

Most of the successive governments there has always found a way or an initiative to maintain that enviable height. Sometime ago, there was an initiative called Clean-and-Green initiative by the state government, which was aimed at maintaining the cleanliness and environmentally friendliness of the city, and the entire state too.

Assumpta Cathedral Owerri (Pix Credit: Nairaland)

In conclusion, I believe that many did not feel comfortable at not seeing some of their favourite cities of states. For instance, Lagos.

Lagos is beautiful and many of its parts are clean too. However, Lagos is now being judged as a metropolis, and that disadvantages it, since there are so many areas of Lagos, in-between the clean areas, which are very dirty too.

But if you pick out any of the smaller Cities of Lagos, like Ikeja or Ikoyi, then, you’ll realize that it would probably rank higher than most of the cities listed above.

Also, some cities like Port Harcourt, Enugu, Kaduna and Asaba are worth mentioning, but that would be in the ‘Top Ten’ list.

One thing is clear here, on the average, South-South cities tend to be generally cleaner than other cities in Nigeria. Maybe it's the oil money, maybe it's the culture, the leadership, or a combination of some or all of the factors above.

If you have any ideas, or you believe there’s a city out there, worthy of being in the “Top 5’, which we omitted, then let us know in the comments. We’ll be happy to take another closer look at that city for future updates.

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