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About us

About Us

Nigeria info blog  is about information and guides on Travel & Tourism and Luxury Real Estate in Nigeria in Particular, and Africa in General. 

It also aimed at showing you all you need to know before embarking on that mind-blowing trip to destinations in Nigeria and Africa... most especially the popular safari destinations, and the best Street Carnivals Like the Calabar Carnival.

We give you all you need to know about your travel budgeting, air fair, best deals on hotels...and any important news regarding your destination.

We also advise on top restaurants, Hotels, and best Tourist attractions.

We also give you good reasons why you have to go enjoy that African sun while taking in breath taking views of nature and its creatures, just in case you've not completely decided already.

We also give Nigerians and Africans general knowledge of the top holiday and tourism destinations of the world.

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